Travel through time II

Travel through time II

Is it time we handle? It is the saddest story of all time and in the end everything is in riddles as they claim to know what will happen in the horoscopes (so many individuals with the same sign that according to the law of probability than any of you going to spend what it predicts)
Let's look at the past, generations move from one to another each with their own free will, all doing what you think your well up, focusing on why all his life in pursuit of this as well, some more wrong than others lost as a fish in the desert, about "dying" and wanted to reach this point is that perhaps dying to travel in time God will say: Valla discovered the machine to go back behind; REVIVIERE this whole generation of the 60s (which is to I can think of going into my blessed machine) and I will have done what they were doing at that time so that each and every one of this generation do what they were supposed to be doing at the time. This sounds to me like that if they were simple programmable machines that are thrown to the ground to do the will of the flame to life on earth again (probably when some of those already enjoying the view beatified in paradise and others condemned in hell rather not try to do what they were doing because you know what you touch them) in such case the former and the latter would come very reluctantly to happen again by these realities, which are not final.
That's why I think this is not absurd to think, back to the past implies that it would revive dead people, because there is no real alternative or parallel universes in worlds where I am still being born, or I'm dying. Besides it is not unreasonable to think that God wants to do such a thing, by luck that our souls in spite of having lost the body still exist, purgatory or hell in paradise, and will do so in the time stipulated in the eternity and revive or they returned his body to some eternal heaven and others to eternal hell.

Let's look at the future from Albert Einstein on the theory that argues that something interesting happens to move through the space-time, especially when your speed relative to other objects is close to the speed of light.
Time goes slower for you than for people who've left behind. Do not see this effect until they come back to these individuals stationary. Let's say you had said 15 years of age when they leave the Earth in a spaceship traveling at approximately 99.5% of the speed of light, which is much faster than we can achieve today, and held only five birthdays during your space travel. When you get home at age 20, you'll find that all your classmates are 65 years old, retired and enjoying his grandchildren!
Thus concludes in a sense, this means you've been traveling in time. 've Experienced only five years of life, while your classmates have experienced 50 years integers. This is a way to the future of travel at a speed greater than 1 hour by hour.

The problem is that Albert does not take into account that in order to reach this state where time no doubt would have to go through all eternity the ground of being Supreme, as far as I'm concerned scientists are just coming over and playing well to find irrefutable evidence of what humankind knows Asaba believer in a God that I believe everything, and this in eternity, because its passenger ship with the speed of light single step 5 years in a sense as there were no dead and our bodies are corruptible but as a step for eternity largely muffled its aging.

Data impossible because in the first to arrive at a certain speed for what we desintegraríamos of fuezas G.

Nor with anti suits my strength G Dear Deceased Albert Einstein and followers

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