Travel in time

A journey through time in his concept is to achieve a more widespread movement forward or backward-looking in all its different points of time.

A journey through time that tempting, to go past repair what was raised wrong, correct certain asuntitos inappropriate that we did pass a bad time, correct a serious storm that you see that we did not have the necesesario for fun or invite our loved ones the one walk, one party, that special place, and tips appear improvisto a beating of fear that we won in a fight for children, making a message appear to prevent the death of someone this excellent viajesito, built this very fun machine painted landscapes very good, but look down the only way that can be built dichosa machine.

But the future and could go there and bring modern technology super say about 1000 years ahead patent it and become a millionaire like mine and be admired by the rest of the world, but already have the machine could make a profitable business type or collective bus stops in the near future or distant, very distant past. the most logical serious as in the film back to the future bought a magazine with as much information as possible on all issues of betting in particular were the last numbers of lottery winners over a decade. serious arch Recontras excellent.

A Simple Analysis
I do not want to disappoint anybody or especially scientists who believe in this and that the dis investigated for later "secret information" indicates the only way you can go to the past or future, then look at what would imply the possibility you can create a machine that I can bring to the future and the past? R) Simple and simply that everything is going to see "The Past, Present and Future" is to say a few minutes ago I was sleeping, I woke up and went to work in a complete chaos where everything happens to you in clear dimensions I present my parallel will have to reach certain stipulations of time but only for the future with us and find us or Choc and absorb the past and trapped in a space that we no longer have access but which ultimately is still going on and all this past and future almost always a serious words understandable this in the past, present and future, to look around somewhere so that our time machine can somehow reach these points before THAT (if this is the future) or gaining access (if we talk about the past).
Having regard to our otherwise myself, our being (ie our soul) is as divided into three dimensions in which this always happening born yesterday, today and tomorrow we die. That irony everything as I said earlier this happening in alternate dimensions and a consequent (of the mind that reaches the future) as a whole recorded in a sad film that simply could rewind or fast forward because this is written and control go back or forward. A complete absurdity that neither God can do everything that could invent the time machine perfectisima)

The only way (s secret information only for agile minds)

To travel to this state of time there is only one way; "mind", that only hurts us we will be able to suggestions for example that won him the bad boy in that fight. Talvo writing a book, "my most precious moments" (better with only exists) and reading it and reading it until we believe that the step as well, friends mind is very powerful but in essence our being aware that it is not true, but succeed do believe that happened so those who do not know us, well, and so on. (I repeat what happened, step back and just stay there in our memories no unknown dimension in which this still going on as we step into the past, this happens only in movies back to the future, travel in time and another bunch of famous films)

For the future as there is more hope but that we should be a great friend of God to ask for permission to let us be quite a while to eternity say a few thousand years of land so that after we leave and un ratito live in this new time ( eye but we will no longer return and what we leave behind; time we were going to be living back) has probably you find us during that time with relatives that we ask at what time God gave us permission to leave again, that the I doubt reaches occur because achievement for which access to eternity and will remain taxed at the decision by God will be very heavy and cumbersome want to leave this to be subjected again to time. So all these arguments of mad scientists who say that traveling at the speed of light could go ahead, undeniably false because that would spend eternity in a space reserved only for those who are admitted by the owner of everything.

Only we have this every second left in the past only stay in our memory especially if you live to the fullest, we do this will help us in the future and deserve Paar go to eternity, our past is and will remain forever a simple I remember that we framework for what we are today or change what we do not want to be tomorrow.

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